Smartwatch journey – Part 5

I decided to use other E-ink display without third color

The display I wanted to use has 3 color – black, white and red, that sounds great, but it doesn’t support partial update and the fullscreen update is slow – 8 seconds. The new display I will use is the same but without red color, only black and white. It can be refreshed in just 2 seconds and the partial update is fast enough.

I searched for shops to buy that display. I found 2 versions of the same display. The first one from smart-prototyping looks thin. I don’t think so it’s thinner than the display from RLX. It has smaller bezels, but the RLX shop is located in my country, it’s cheaper and I can cut the borders of the PCB by myself with micro saw.

I am looking forward fastest updates, partial updates and RedBear board too.

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