Quadruped project

I am almost done with my quadruped project. It’s spider-styled robot with 4 legs and 12 servos. I use RDS3115MG servos for this project, because they are very powerful and have nice mounting with fake dual shaft. They aren’t so expensive, $10 each.

I got 13 servos before assembling. I thought 1 spare servo is enough but 2 servos had burnt. The voltage was correct. Every servo has the same power suply, but only two burnt. The interesting thing is that when power was going to the servo nothing happens as expected. But when the pulse was applied to them, they started to smoke and one chip was going to be red.

As usual, I am waiting for another servo, my AliExpress seller sent me as replacement. Maybe there was some shorts. I don’t know…

I will post some pictures and description of the robot as soon as I will finish it.


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