Smartwatch Journey – Part #6

After long time of problem solving I can finally run E-ink display on my RedBearLab BLE v2. I got some problems to run it with hardware SPI, so I had to use different pins and custom shiftOut function for data proper transfer. The final design doesn’t look like an Apple Watch or nice Samsung Watch but I hope it will be functional.

The every part which will be used:

  1. 3D printed case in black PLA
  2. RedBearLab Nano v2
  3. Vibrator motor
  4. Pushbutton 6×6 mm
  5. LiPo 301530 100mAh battery
  6. TP4056 LiPo charger
  7. uUSB connector (i hope there will be enough space for this)
  8. Some hot glue, wires and resistors for voltage division and measuring

Stand By mode should refresh time every 10th minute, not every 10 minutes! When I will receive some message, it will display a logo of the app, sender or title and the content. I will play with this when it will be finished hardwarely.

I expect one week of usage.

I consider to make custom pcb with all the parts soldered on the only one board, so there will be more space for battery and it will be thinner and nicer.

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