Smartwatch Journey – Part #10


The Smartwatch had lasted just for 3 days until something magical has happened. Fortunately, the battery realised that it has capacity of 100mAh and I am draining around 200uA so  it should last longer. I know that it doesn’t have capacity exact capacity as listed. I got 380 hours (~16 days) of use. That was surprise for me. I knew that LiPo batteries has to be discharged to the 0 and charged over few times, but that didn’t helped me.

  1. Notifications ✓*
  2. Custom header ✓
  3. Cheatsheet ✓
  4. 2 weeks of use ✓
  5. Better Android App ☐

* The app has some bugs, I know about them so I have to find time to fix that.