#1 Eskate – to build or not to build

I asked myself a question: Would you like to build electric skateboard? And so my answer was divided to pros and cons. But first, let me tell you some keywords which run across my mind when I wanted answer my qeustion: Freedom, Expensive, Swag


  1. Enjoying the ride
  2. Get something cool for transportation
  3. Develop an app for it
  4. Add custom sensors to monitor conditions


  1. Waste of money
  2. I cannot ride everywhere, only on good roads
  3. It is not stable as electric scooter

Big motivation to build it was the fact that my friend wanted to build an eskate too but He was lazy and did not get enought money for realisation, cuz the price of basic eskate is around 250$. I wanted to beat him and show the eskate to him so he will be shocked. I did not tell anything about my eskate until the revelation.

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