Robocup 2018

This year’s Robocup Junior Competition was great. It was our second atempt on the world cup. We as team LiptovEffect were ready and successful I think. At the begining of working on new robot we were scared of lasers. They were shuting down randomly and we coudln’t find out why. But what can you expect from a robot built in 2 weeks?

Prizes and diplomas

We won the Superteam challange of the Rescue Maze competition and we achieved 3rd place in Rescue Maze Individuals. What is Superteam Challange? When the individual competition was done, a team was randolny matched with other team and they were working together. We got new task and had to find solution. Team from China, we were in Superteam with, was 2nd in individuals. So it wasn’t so hard to make things working again.