Smartwatch journey – Part 4

The display

There are several types of displays on the market: OLED, TFT, LCD and e-Paper displays. The biggest OLED display is 1.3″ 128×64, TFT touch screens are on the other side too big for my smartwatch project and they drain a lot of energy. LCD Nokia 5110 display is

great. I like it. The power consumption is below 1mA but the resolution is 84×48 and I’ve found that pixels aren’t squares but rectangles and a circle looks like an ellipse. LOL. I want to try these new type of display available now. So I choosed this E-paper display which I’ve mentioned about in the previous part. I measured the power consumtion, the thing what depends on, and the result is awesome. Just 0.02 mA when sleeping and 5mA when updating.